Warm Hands & Hearts Crochet Mug Cosy

The warm hands & hearts crochet mug cosy pattern has so much texture, it really is the most comforting thing.

When I was in school, I had a group of friends who all liked to sit and chat and drink tea and make crafty things. Fast forward a while and we are now all celebrating a significant birthday this year. I wanted to design something to mark the occasion and so the Warm Hands & Hearts Mug Cosy was born.

I love the textured no-sew design, which you crochet using the bean stitch. The bean stitch is similar to the puff stitch, but each puff is pushed to the side, to create a zigzag pattern. I really love the cosy effect this makes.

The crochet mug cozy is made using chunky (bulky) yarn and a 6mm hook.

You can easily adjust the size to fit your favourite mug.

Lady holding a mug with a mug cosy on

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What is a mug cosy?

Imagine those freezing cold, winter mornings. All you want is a boiling hot cup of tea, but actually the cup is too hot on your cold hands to hold properly.

You need the Warm Hands and Hearts Mug Cosy!

As I said, I designed this mug cosy for a special group of friends and it has a special place in my heart because of it. It really reminds me of them, because drinking tea and chatting is something we so love to do.

In fact, when we recently had a weekend away to celebrate our birthdays, I taught them how to make this pattern, which was such a special moment.


My finished mug cosy measured 10″ (26cm) x 3″ (8cm).

You can adjust the length of your mug cosy by working more or fewer rows.

You can adjust the width of your mug cosy by reducing or increasing your starting foundation cord by multiples of 4. For example I started with 20, but you could do 16 or 24 easily. In these examples, it would mean you had 1 more or 1 fewer bean stitches across each row.

How to get the pattern

There are a few different ways that you can get your Snowflake Headband crochet pattern.

You can carry on scrolling down and read the pattern free on the blog. The blog has ads on it, which is how I am able to offer it for free.

Alternatively you can purchase a premium pdf version of the pattern, which includes stitch tutorials, links to lots of video tutorials, schematics and full explanations. And of course, if you purchase the pattern, it is yours to keep, print and make notes on.

PLEASE NOTE: This listing is for a pdf crochet pattern, written in English. It is not a finished project. You will receive a digital download.

Included in the premium pattern:

A 7 page pdf crochet pattern written in US crochet terms, including images, step by step instructions and guidance too.

An accompanying video tutorial.

Stitch tutorials.

Pattern support if needed.

Difficulty level is Advanced Beginner.

You will need:

Paintbox Yarns Simply Chunky, 100% Acrylic (100g/3.53oz, 136m/149yds – but any chunky (bulky) weight yarn would work here.

6.0mm Crochet Hook

A tapestry needle for working in ends



Tension: 13 stitches and 11 rows over bean stitch = 4” / 10cm square.


ch(s) – chain(s)

rep – repeat

sc – single crochet

sk – skip

ss – slip stitch

st(s) – stitch

* – repeat the instructions from the * as directed

2 mug cosies next to a mug

Pattern Notes

ch1 does not count as a stitch throughout.

There is a ch1 after working each bean stitch, and there is also a ch1 to turn, so at the end of each row, you will effectively be doing 2 chs before starting the next bean st.

After the first row of bean sts, you will be working subsequent bean sts into the space between the beans, not into the ch sts. This is what makes the beans slant to the side.

The last bean st of each row goes into the space after the ch st from the row below. It can be hard to get your hook into, but if you locate the ch st first, you will be able to see that it goes next to this.

Read through the pattern completely before starting and refer to the stitch tutorials as needed.

The first foundation cord and the last row will be joined to make a ring. The rest of the mug cosy is worked in turned rows.

Special Stitches

Foundation Cord

The foundation cord is a super easy and fun way to start a project. It also makes a great handle for things.

In this project, we are going to use it for the first handle of the mug cosy.

You will need to start your cord leaving a long tail end, as you will be working with both the tail end and the ball end of the yarn. As a general rule, leave 3 times the length of the cord you want to make.

Make a slipknot on your hook.

1. Wrap the tail end of the yarn over your hook away from you. 2. Then wrap the ball end over your hook, bringing it towards you. 3. Pull that loop through both the tail end and the loop on your hook. 4. Repeat.

Bean Stitch

The bean stitch is a super textured and fun stitch to make. It’s sort of like a puff stitch, but made to slant to create a zigzag pattern. It’s easier to make than it looks:

1. Insert hook into stitch.

2. Yarn over and pull through.

3. Yarn over and insert hook into the same stitch.

4. Yarn over and pull through (you will have 4 loops on your hook).

5. Yarn over and insert your hook into the same stitch again.

6. Yarn over and pull through (6 loops on your hook).

7. Yarn over and pull through all 6 loops.

8. To continue the row, chain 1 to secure the stitch. Skip the next stitch and then make a bean stitch in the next stitch, and chain 1.

At the end of a row, you will need to make an additional chain, so there will be 2 chains after the final bean. Then turn. The placement of the following bean sts needs to go into the space after the chain st from the previous row each time, so locate the chain stitch and then insert your hook into the next space. For the last stitch, this can be tricky. Refer to the video for clarity.

Pin it for later

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Full-length Video Tutorial

Follow along as I create a mug cosy. I’ll show you all the stitches and techniques you’ll need to complete your own Warm Hands and Hearts Mug Cosy.

The Warm Hands & Hearts Crochet Mug Cosy Pattern

Make a foundation cord of 20, ss in first st to join.

Row 1: ch1, insert hook into third st from hook (the ss join counts as a st here) and make a bean st, ch1, sk next st, *bean st, ch 1, sk next st, rep from * three more times, turn [5 bean sts + 6 chs, including the ch1 at the start] (for Row 1, you will be working into only 10 of the foundation cord sts, the others remain unworked, and we will now work in turned rows).

Row 2: ch 1, *bean st into space after ch, ch1, sk next bean st and ch, rep from * across, turn. [5 bean sts + 6 chs]

Rows 3-25: rep Row 2.

Row 26: ch10, ss to join to first st of row 25, ch1, 10sc along bean sts and chs of row 25, 10ss along chs, ss in first sc to join.

Fasten off and weave in all ends.

Put the kettle on! Loop the foundation cord and the chain around the cup handle and enjoy!

Pattern help

There is a lot more detail regarding the stitches in the pdf pattern. Also please do watch all of the stitch tutorials on my YouTube channel for extra guidance.

If you are struggling with the pattern, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Find me on Facebook or Instagram @concretegemscrochet or drop me a message.

This pattern is the property of  Concrete Gems, please do not share, copy, alter or distribute it in any way. You are welcome to sell items you make using this pattern on a small scale but please credit @concretegemscrochet when doing this.

What next?

I’ve really loved designing this pattern for you and hope you have had fun making it. I’m Gemma, a crochet tech editor, designer and overall crochet enthusiast. I’m also a mum of 3 kids, and enjoy running, reading, walking and crafting, but mostly crochet!

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