If you’ve bought my concrete coaster kit, thank you so much. Below you will find some coaster kit decoration ideas to further personalise your creations. If you would like to buy the kit, click here.

Make Your Own Concrete Coasters main photo

The concrete coaster kit enables you to make some lovely concrete coasters as pictured above. The raw industrial look is really beautiful, however if you would like to decorate them, here are a couple of ideas. Pinterest has many more or just let your imagination go wild.


For the first design, I have used a stencil that I made using A4 Mylar stencil sheets. I used a craft knife to cut out this geometric design. I taped the design onto the coaster and painted it using acrylic paint in Metallic Copper.

The finished thing looks really good. I love the copper colour against the grey of the concrete and the stencil is really effective. You can make also make your own stencil using card, or you can buy stencils from most craft shops.

Masking Tape

Using masking tape is an alternative way to ‘create’ the clean lines of a stencil effect. For this coaster, I taped off a stripe on the coaster, and then painted it with green acrylic paint. It dries really quickly so once it was dry I taped off another stripe and then a third, painting each in turn.

The finished coaster has come out really well again, but looks completely different from the one above.

Other coaster kit decoration ideas

There are so many alternative ideas as well. Try hand painting, letter stamping, sponge painting, spray painting, using a sharpie, stamp embossing, decoupage, the possibilities are endless. Here are a few more images to give you inspiration.

So why not give my concrete coaster kit a go? I’m sure you’ll have fun, I definitely did. Let me know how you get on. I’d love for you to share some of your results in the comments below as well.