Before I started my craft business, I hadn’t really thought about how important it is to support small businesses. I did buy from them, but I didn’t actively search them out when I needed to buy something. I regularly shopped, and still do, from the main online retailers, as well as the cheaper clothing stores. However, more and more, I’m turning towards small handmade businesses for a number of reasons.

  1. The quality of handmade is often outstanding. Makers like myself put their heart and soul into their work and it really shows in the products.
  2. The customer service is usually great. Each sale makes a real difference to that maker, and so they will go out of their way to help you have a great buying experience.
  3. Handmade products are unique, which is great because who wants to have the same things as everyone else. Plus they can usually be customised or personalised to suit your requirements.

The past year has been tough for everyone, and this is no different for small businesses. Those that run brick and mortar stores have struggled with being closed repeatedly on and off. On the other hand, online sellers have seen an increase in sales during lockdown when there were few other options. This was followed by a sudden drop in sales when things reopened, which is continuing today.


Because of this, it is important that we don’t forget small businesses when life returns to normal-ish. After all, it is only small businesses who do a happy dance for each and every order! Buying from them is the most obvious way to show our support, but there are other ways to help too.


Follow them on social media. Save and comment on their posts. Share them to your friends. Leave a lovely review. All of these things can help support small businesses so much more than you would imagine!

My small business is no different and this year has certainly had lots of ups and downs. If you’d like to see what I make, head to my shop and have a browse. Alternatively, find me on Instagram @gemsconcretegems