I realise that I haven’t updated you on our 100 days of 100 meals for a while so here is day 10 to 29. I’m not sure it will be very interesting though, so apologies.

I’m mainly going to talk about day 29 as this was something I’d never tried before, and I’ll just put the rest of the days in a little table below.

Day 29

So today I tried to make creamy chicken bakes by Becky Excell from her book How to Bake Anything Gluten Free. If you’ve ever dabbled in gluten free baking, then you will know that gluten free pastry is never that great. It doesn’t taste that amazing and it’s also super hard to make, so I was definitely a bit nervous to try these. But with a coeliac in the family, I had to give it a go.

The pastry

The dough was ok to bring together and so I thought I was doing ok. The rolling, folding and chilling part is a bit tedious, but that is the same as a gluten rough puff pastry. My problem came when I came to rolling it out. You’re supposed to roll it on greaseproof paper which I did, but it’s important to also flour the paper as it stuck to the paper and was a right pain to get off. However I managed to rescue it eventually and the second batch went much better.

Day 10 to 29 chicken bakes

Cooking was just 20 minutes and they came out really nicely. They were also very tasty. I used leftover chicken in mine although the recipe asks for fresh chicken, but it didn’t seem to make a difference. The recipe did use an awful lot of butter though and it did taste very buttery. But still delicious and it was probably needed for the flavour, so overall no real complaints.

Day 10 to 29 chicken bake dinner

You can follow Becky on instagram at https://instagram.com/beckyexcell and read about days 1 to 10 here.

10Salmon noodles Baby corn, pepper
11Quichemash, asparagus
12Sausage and mashgravy, peas and sweetcorn
13Sweet potato and chickpea stewrice, sweetcorn
14Tuna pasta bakebroccoli
15Scampi and chipsbaked beans
16Black bean burgerssweet potato, rice and corn on the cob
17Pork loin steaksmash and cauliflower cheese
18Homemade pizzapepperoni
19Gammon jointroast potatoes, parsnips, carrots and gravy
20Macaroni cheesegammon and hidden veg sauce
21Jacket potatoestuna and beans
22Salmon and naanbalsamic soy dressing, asparagus and pepper
23Takeaway from Cozze’s Italian
24Cumberland roast chickentraybake potatoes, parsnip and carrots
25Chicken wrapspepper, carrot, refried beans and cheese
26Carrot and chickpea burgersmash and broccoli
27Quorn noodles and satay saucepeppers, edamame beans
28Breaded fish and chipscauliflower cheese
29chicken bakessweet potato and beans
Day 10 to 29