My children have challenged me to make 100 different meals over 100 days. This is going to be interesting, so I thought I’d do a little blog series about it, although I doubt I’ll have time to chart every meal. There are 2 factors that make this more difficult, firstly my eldest son has coeliac disease so every meal has to at least be gluten free for him, if not for the rest of us. Second, my middle child is super fussy and generally needs persuading to eat his dinner. The third child is 18 months and eats a lot.

Day 1

I had some leftover mascarpone and Parmesan so decided to try a risotto. Rice is naturally gluten free so that was good, but not something that the middle child likes. I chose to make this tomato and mascarpone risotto with chicken pieces and sweetcorn.

100 meals in 100 days
Forgot to take a photo before it was half eaten 🙈

The recipe was from BBC Good Food. But as true to form I didn’t have risotto rice so used basmati, I used chopped tomatoes rather than cherry and Italian herbs instead of basil. My husband says I can’t make a meal without changing some of the ingredients, but I just have to go with what’s in the cupboard, don’t I?

First tastes were good, with the meal being given 9 or 10 out of 10. But as it progressed both boys struggled, picking out the bits of tomato and then giving up. Littlest loved it and had seconds, as did the grown ups. It was quite a rich flavour for kids and I guess that’s why they liked it to start with, but not later on. Probably not one to repeat for a while. 99 out of 100 days of 100 meals to go!